WASD April 2024 Coverage - Harvest Hunt

Article by Adam Ray

At WASD, games of all kinds were on show, and we had the rare treat of playing a truly remarkable, truly creepy game that rewards your creativity and lets you play how you want to.

Harvest Hunt has the full hits of the survival horror genre - the slow moving character set to do very niche and specific objectives all while something terrifying is on the loose. The combination of the visuals and the immersive, first person gameplay all comes together for a strong gaming experience.

In the story of Harvest Hunt, you're the one the village has decided must walk around their corn field to find that magical Ambrosia and defeat The Devourer. Sounds fair.

As you wander through the game's five nights, you have to collect Ambrosia, but the Devourer is always coming. After each night, at least during the demo, you were taught each game's key mechanics. On night 2, the actions of combat to attack and then banish the Devourer is on display.

After night 3, you get your choice on how to play each round. Do you rush for the Ambrosia and ignore the Devourer or try to fight it?

Between each round, you get the chance to customise your loadout with new cards, and you can make the map stronger by adding items to the key locations. However after each night, the Devourer gets stronger too.

The sound design gives us the right level of murky bogs and sinister reeds. The stereo is done to perfection, with the monster always on its way to get you. With strong, ambient lighting and matte colour schemes, and a visible but dark landscape. The game feels claustrophobic even if it's set outdoors.

Harvest Hunt looks to be a deep and gripping survival horror game. Play the lengthy demo right now on Steam, and look out for it on May 22nd.


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