WASD April 2024 Coverage - Sky of Tides

Article by Adam Ray

WASD 2024 has brought a treasure trove of new games to my mind. It's a real opportunity for new play experiences to come out to the masses, and Sky of Tides looks to offer players a deep and immersive story driven experience in a rich, sci-fi setting.

Sky of Tides is a rich narrative adventure, with isometric visuals for you to explore. You play as Rin, a young girl caught in the political drama of her family and numerous insurrectionist groups. This is a game definitely intended to be played longform and maybe over a few playthroughs.

From the offset, Sky rewards you for your in game choices. As narrative games go, I haven't seen one go in as deep since Mass Effect. Each decision has immediate consequences to the ongoing story. Just like life!

During the game, there are a selection of five stats that Rin has which all increase and decrease based on her choices and the items she picks up. The game's story is hugely effected by the overall level of Rin's stats, and things are best when she's at balance. It creates a great deal of dramatic tension if your stats are lopsided.

The place where this game excels is its writing and art direction. The world and setting feels gritty and lived in thanks to well managed colour schemes. The design on everything feels close to the tropes and draws you in. The niche references each character makes is a welcome reference to something deeply seeded into the game's extensive lore. There always feels like something more to discover.

Sky of Tides has so much faith in its rich story, that their animated series is coming in 5 parts all set to explore the wide sci-fi setting and offer a little context to the game.

For fans of rich science fiction and who want to expand their horizons in a deep story, I cannot recommend Sky of Tides high enough. Wishlist it right now, here on Steam!


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