Review: No Justice #3

“No Justice” – Part 3
Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson
Artists: Riley Rossmo & Marcus To
Review by Adam Ray
We saw the teams band together at the end of the last instalment of No Justice. The fate of Colu hung in the balance, but when Team Entropy found what Brainiac sent them for, there was the wonder of what their real mission was.
Riley Rossmo jumps into the artist’s chair for this outing. The style set by Francis Manapul in the issues 1 and 2 has been set down nice and clear. Huge, double page spreads. Bright colors and wide panoramas draw readers right in like a Hollywood blockbuster. The differences in art style are clear, though. One of this site’s editors is training me in his superpower of being able to spot artists by the tiniest detail. Side by side, you can tell that in wider shots, there are fewer small details than with Manapul, but these help make the scale and the action strong.

Heating Up

We, the reader, are pulled into the Leagues’ uphill battle. When we learn why Team Wonder can’t fully use their magic, we want them to break free. When Team Mystery see all the tiny planets in tiny jars, you want to raid with rushing them all to safety. You really root for Cyborg in his efforts to hack an entire world. Even I wanted Lobo to stick a hook into Brainiac II!
That’s the strongest part about the No Justice storyline for me. You’re never given time to relax, everything is a the height of tension. Stakes are always at their highest. Even back on earth, Green Arrow is doing everything to keep the rest of the Justice League together while Amanda Waller keeps giving him the verbal backhands we know her for. We don’t know who to root for, because all the players keep the excitement levels up.


With the situation looking the most dire heading into the final chapter, I’m eager to see how it could all end peacefully. Ancient powers sitting on the edge, ready to destroy everything with the heroes set adrift. I’ve not been this excited for a conclusion in a very long time.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment
(This review was originally published on the Dark Knight News website on May 24th 2018)


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