Review: Teen Titans #26

Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Bernard Chang
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: Rob Leigh
Review by Steve J. Ray


“House Of The Rising Son.” If the standard cover for this issue doesn’t get you excited, nothing will. (Alex Garner’s variant covers are always exciting… I mean, you’ve seen them, right?!? WOW!) Robin needs information, and there is no greater repository of knowledge in the DC Universe (The Book Of Destiny notwithstanding) than the Cray supercomputers in the Batcave. As if Damian’s extra-curricular activities weren’t enough, if Bat-dad finds out he’s gonna be p!$$£d! The question is though, is data really all that Robin has gone back to Wayne Manor for?
The Batcave, a garage full of Batmobiles, Robin being sneaky, Roundhouse being a fan-boy… and that’s just the first four pages! This issue continues to deliver action, thrills, and characters that are extremely well written and beautifully drawn. What’s not to like? Adam Glass is clearly a teenager in an adult’s body. I can empathise. This is a writer who understands both the subject matter, and the way adolescents would react in these situations.
Alfred and Robin face to face at last! The dialogue in itself is wonderful, but when you realise that Alfred walked up behind Damian without the Teen Wonder noticing… brilliant. Nice, subtle touch. Thanks, Mr. Glass.
It’s clear that Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo have been collaborating for a long time, because the way they work together is perfection. Look at the flesh-tones on Robin’s face on page one, and how they work perfectly with the shadows in the line-work. Look at the warm light flooding into the huge, cold, dark Batcave in that gorgeous two page spread on pages two and three. Witness the Batmobiles! Seeing Michael Keaton’s from Batman ’89 and Batman Returns back to back with Christian Bale’s Tumbler made this aging fan-boy squee with delight!
Add in Rob Leigh’s delightful Bat-Signal title, sound effects and perfect lettering and you have (yet another) example of a comic that’s been done RIGHT.
The cover is a teensy bit misleading, and that’s about the only fault I can find with this issue. The highlights far outweigh this, of course. Robin’s heart-to-heart with Alfred is a real highlight as, exactly as you’d expect, Mr. Pennyworth’s insights cut right to the heart of the matter.
I’d love to know where this story fits in relation to the events in Detective Comics #996?
I’m really enjoying both the new direction this series has taken and this new team of Teen Titans. The pressure has slowly been bubbling under the surface, but is now reaching boiling point. Will Batman be fully dragged into events? Can the Dark Knight and his son settle their differences? Where does Red Hood fit in? This story continues in Teen Titans Annual #1, where at least one of those questions will be answered. Maybe I should start camping outside my comic-book store now…
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment


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