The Retro Project Episode 1 - Gerry Conway Interview

Intro by Steve J. Ray, Interview conducted by Steven Conroy.

When we started Fantastic Universes two years ago, it was just a father/son operation.

Over the following 24 months many friends, colleagues and fellow writers joined us from all across the web: Dark Knight News, Earth9DC and DC World. In that time we also launched a podcast and built relationships with many terrific independeny comics publishers, andthe amazing Comic-Biz-Store.

Today sees another momentous step forward... 

One of our first new writers - and the man responsible for getting me into podcasting - is Steven Conroy, This dude is one of the men behind Saturday Detention and the creator of the amazing Retro Project PodcastThe latter show is for everyone into classic movie soundtracks, vintage video games and the legendary comic books of the 80s and 90s.

The Retro Project has officially joined the Fantastic Universes family, and I couldn't be prouder.

The first episode that we're launching with is part one of an interview with a man who can only be described as a comic-book legend... I do NOT use this term lightly.

Gerry Conway

Gerry is comic-book veteran and TV scriptwriter whose accolades and creations cannot be over-estimated. He co-created the Punisher for Marvel, and wrote the legendary "Death of Gwen Stacy" storyline in Amazing Spider-Man.

For DC Comics he's known for co-creating Firestorm, and for writing Justice League Of America for EIGHT YEARS! If that wasn't enough, Gerry also gave fans the first major, modern day inter-company crossover with the classic Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man!

Here's part one of this incredible interview, conducted by Fantastic Universes writer and podcast guru, Steve Conroy. Trust me... you won't believe your ears!


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