Review: Batman: Curse Of The White Knight #7

"Batman: Curse Of The White Knight" - Book Seven
Writer and Artist: Sean Murphy
Color Artist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by Steve J. Ray
Batman: Curse Of The White Knight #7 is brilliant… plain and simple. With a storyline that sees Bruce Wayne fighting back against insurmountable losses (alongside the unlikeliest of allies), to moments of pure fan-boy nostalgia from series creator Sean Murphy, this issue delivers vintage Batman, in every way possible.
After the shocking revelation that Bruce is actually a descendant of the man who murdered Edmond Wayne, and not Edmond himself, Batman is reeling. Seeing him rally and fight back – something that nobody does better than the Dark Knight – brought back memories of all the times he’s done the very same thing in the past, when most other men would’ve given up and walked away. This is one of the many aspects of Batman that make him my all-time favorite comics character, and a real inspiration. He chose path, and nothing – and no-one – can make him stray from it.
This week has been a week of nostalgia, and being transported to some favorite times, and comics. Justice League Dark #20 took me back to Alan Moore’s legendary Swamp Thing run, and Batman: Curse Of The White Knight #7 brought back both Tim Burton’s 1989 classic movie, and the vintage Batman #500. Seeing the great talents of today flying their geek flags proudly, honoring and remembering the stories that inspired them, brings me real joy.

The Fall And Rise Of The Dark Knight

Sean G. Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth and AndWorld Design are absolutely killing it. The opening pages with a young Bruce, about to attend his parents’ funeral, brought a lump to my throat. The fact that Alfred Pennyworth is dead in main DC continuity was made even more painful by how beautifully written and drawn these pages are. Alfred’s love for Bruce, the emotions conveyed on both characters’ faces, and the beautifully subtle blue pallet used by Matt Hollingsworth in this scene, are creatively stunning. They clearly stand apart from the oranges, browns and reds of the rest of the issue.
Then we get page 7, and that wonderful homage to the final chapter of “Knightfall” (the aforementioned Batman #500 – page 29, drawn by Mike Manley, to be exact)
… Wow. Seeing that made me pull out my copies of the original series.
Here are the two pages (and my issues) side by side:
Awesome, right?!?
If that wasn’t enough, the revelation of Batman (and clearly Sean Murphy’)s favorite Batmobile on pages 16 and 17 made me smile from ear to ear. Sean, Matt Hollingsworth and AndWorld clearly had a great time creating the pages that follow, as the car growls, screeches and VROOOOMS through the streets of Gotham City.
This team may be producing deep, emotional and though-provoking comics, but damn are they having fun doing so! More power to them.
Let’s Get Nuts
Sam  Hamm and Warren Skaaren would be proud.


I. LOVE. THIS. SERIES. Maybe you’d already guessed.
Next month’s 8th and final issue will no doubt deliver even more shocks and surprises (though this issue already delivered a couple). I don’t want this story to end, but knowing that when it does I’ll be able to read it all in-full (adding in the brilliant Mr. Freeze one-shot to the mix) does ease the sadness somewhat.
Heck, I’ll probably re-read the original White Knight and all of “Knightfall” again, just for the hell of it!
Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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