Review: ‘Harley Quinn’ Season 2 Episode 7 “There’s No Place To Go But Down”

“There’s No Place To Go But Down”

Directed by: Colin Heck
Written by: Adam Stein
Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Christopher Meloni, Matt Oberg, James Adomian, Briana Cuoco, Andy Daly, George Lopez and Brad Morris
Review by Kendra Hale

This Is A Safe Space

“There’s No Place To Go But Down” came to us this past Friday, and was definitely intent on shaking a few things up. Whether they’ll be for the good of Harley and her gang remains to be seen, but the die has been cast and we definitely got a lot to take in.

Mile High Kite Club

Harley and Ivy find themselves in a bit of a pickle, as Two-Face and Bane put them on trial for the murder of The Penguin. Though with Man-Bat as an attorney and with no interpreter around, it was a pretty stacked trial overall, even with an unbiased Bane. Our girls think everything will be a breeze, as they’ve broken out of Arkham bazillions of times. Their laughter quickly turns to angst though, as they realize they’re being taken to Bane’s Pit for rehabilitation. Underground and no plant life to speak of, the girls quickly try to plan an escape using George Lopez of all people.
Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon is dealing with her Father’s demons. Gordon has been down in the dumps since losing the GCPD and has become a bit of a lush. Neither Babs or Batgirl have been able to help so far with helping Jim regain his once valiant spirit. When Two-Face threatens Jim on his home territory will it be enough to help him snap back? Or have we lost that good cop to the blues forever?

Dime Store Sushi

So much happens in “There’s No Place To Go But Down” that it’s almost hard to keep up. We’re treated to not only an amazing main story, but a sub-plot that more than keeps up the pace. We also get an immense helping of Bane in this episode. So much so that it’s definitely a treat. With some of the voice cast pulling double duty this episode, we also get Matt Oberg voicing Killer Croc. Then we get the unexpected treat of a vocal cameo of George Lopez playing himself. No spoilers here, ladies and gents, but the ending is the complete and utter icing on the cake.


Each week delivers my new favorite episode. The writers have done a stellar job at keeping the show not only relevant but relatable. The voice cast makes these characters live and breathe, but like with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as legendary versions of Batman and Joker, they are going to embody and become the voices we hear when reading the comics. This episode adds yet another layer of depth to the show and is wholly enjoyable.
I’ll see you here for the next review!
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