Podcast Time: "Superheroes For Dummies" And The Comics In Motion Network

Article by Steve J. Ray

Podcasts have become a huge part of pop-culture. Fantastic Universes has its own shows (which will be coming back soon, including a brand new series called "Legends Of The Dark Knight") and last year we partnered with the amazing Retro Project Podcast, to share their shows on this site for a U.K. audience.

Recently, two friends; Paul McGuigan, Daniel Belgrave, and I, started a new show called "Superheroes For Dummies". Paul is a newcomer to the world of comic-book characters, Daniel has some knowledge, but more from video games, TV and movies. Of course, I'm a mega geek/ultra nerd, so we cover the whole spectrum.

For content, we ask fellow fans on the internet, via Facebook and Twitter, to nominate the characters they want to know more about, and get them to send us their questions about said characters.

We've aired two episodes so far, and they've been great fun. Here are Spotify links to both:

The Comics In Motion Network is incredible, the same way that we're a fan-site that covers all bases, they do the same in audio form. TV and Movie reviews, Star Wars, Indie Comics, Marvel and DC, Reality TV... You name it! All their shows are great fun, and well worth listening to.

Here are links to them all, on Spotify, Apple, and Acast:

Created by Dave Horrocks and Chris Phelps, and featuring talents as diverse as Fantastic Universes' very own Max Byrne and Tony Farina, the site also boasts great shows from Mike Burton and Scott Weatherly.

Check them out, I just know that there's a show on the Comics In Motion feed that will suit your tastes. Tony Farina will be showcasing some of them right here on Fantastic Universes.

As always, give us feedback on the shows; comment, like, rate and review us. We're listening... I promise


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