Review: Amethyst #5

"In Deep"

Writer and Artist: Amy Reeder
Color Artist: Marissa Louise
Letterer: Gabriela Downie

Review by Fay Clark

Who wouldn’t want to return to the wondrous Gemworld? Princess Amethyst is back, and still as crazy as ever, but now with added “Are you kidding me!” The last issue ended in a cliffhanger, so being able to jump right back into the action was brilliant.

As the Penultimate issue in this run, Amethyst #5, still has to deal with a lot of unanswered questions that need to be answered. Can Amethyst find her parents and save her people? Or will we be left even more confused than before?

You’ll be Green with Envy

My, my, my… Amy Reeder. I will never ceased be impressed with your writing skills. The way Reeder has crafted this plot line from the beginning is phenomenal. The reader gets to slowly piece everything together alongside our rambunctious group of unlikely friends. Issue by Issue we’ve seen characters evolve and open up, hand in hand with the mystery of what’s happened to the Gemworld, and it’s people. We get to regularly visit all the different sections of this planet, while travelling with Princess Amethyst. In Amethyst #5 we get dragged into possibly my favourite section so far: Emerald. With the way Reeder portrays this Gem, you really get a feeling for the people, and what they hold close to their hearts.

Amy Reeder has blown the mystery wide open in Amethyst #5. After getting some cockamamie idea in her head, spurred on by her friends, Princess A decides she needs answers. She gets them, alright! Reeder perfectly paints a picture that changes everything we’ve known. Everything we’ve been told is called into question. This a massive punch in the gut for the reader, I had to re-read a few pages to make sure I understood what was going on! Yet this isn’t only a shock for us, our team of heroes is also left a bit slack jawed, to say the least.

A Diamond in the Rough

Is there nothing Amy Reeder can’t do? Not only is she an outstanding writer, but an incredible artist! Come on, give the rest of us a chance. As per usual Reeder has imagined things and bought them to life with amazing creativity. It might be easier to be the artist and the writer, as I can imagine that she has a very specific idea of what she sees in her mind’s eye as she writes. The fact that she can then actually draw it all out and have it flow in such an effortless way is pure talent.

Marissa Louise has done a smashing job with her color art in Amethyst #5. Having travelled through a few of the lands already, she’s really nailed it again. The shades and variations in color are stunning, and make me want to visit Gemworld even more than I already did. Marissa has been a great addition to the team. Her extra sprinkle of skill really adds a lot to Reeder’s already amazing artwork.


One more to go you say? That leaves a lot to wrap up in a short period of time. I’m not sure how it can be done. Do you still want to wait to finally get the conclusion we’ve all been waiting for? I would highly recommend it. Even I have no idea of how Amy Reeder plans to pull this off, as there’s so much of the mystery still to be wrapped up. I’m upset that the next issue ends everything, but I really want to know what happens next! Talk about being in two minds about something.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment


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