Review: Nocterra #3

Review: Nocterra #3

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Color Artist: Tomeu Morey
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by Steve J. Ray

Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Tomeu Morey and AndWorld Design continue to slowly lift the veil from the past, while delivering blistering action in the present, in this month’s Nocterra #3.

Blacktop Bill is hot on Val and Emory’s tail, on the hunt for the sibling’s passengers. As I mentioned last time, Bill is an A grade villain who seems as determined as he is ruthless. The characterization in this series is first rate, and the way I’ve fallen in love with some of the characters, and in awe of Bill, after just two issues, is testament to Scott Snyder’s writing. I know that teenage heroes/lead characters aren’t anything new, but finding any as full of life, or as well imagined and realised as Val and Emory Riggs would be pretty difficult.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Blacktop Bill’s scary enough, but the flashback sequence at the beginning of this issue, tied in with the metamorphosis that Emory’s undergoing, truly sent a chill up my spine. What Emory is becoming truly breaks a reader’s heart, and sets their hearts pounding. The way that past events foreshadow the action happening in the present is masterfully handled and leaves us wanting more when we reach the final page.

Something else I find myself wanting more of is the gorgeous art by Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey. This series frequently gives us some great storytelling and characterization in how characters act and move, while also delivering some seriously high octane, and explosive action.

AndWorld’s powerful and punchy lettering make us feel every explosion and rush of speed depicted on these pages. Check out the double page spread of Val’s truck careening through the Dark Earth night, and I’m sure you’ll agree.


Nocterra #3 pulls you in. The slow dropping of breadcrumbs approach to the storytelling that the creative team are employing is addictive. Seeing children alone and in danger is terrifying, seeing those past perils casting an indelible shadow over the present day even moreso.

Like all good thrillers this page turner of a series is leaving us hanging over a precipice, with the danger of falling into the bottomless cavern below feeling ever more real, and imminent. The final pages of this issue have left me fearful and on edge, but I’m still dying to find out what’s going to happens next.

What more could anyone ask for from a comic-book?

Images Courtesy of Image Comics


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