WASD Coverage - Makeway

Article by Adam Ray

Games can encapsulate all kinds of entertainment. It brings in the people who love a rich and detailed story. Some want to wantonly destroy things. However some want to bring people together in wanton destruction. I had the pleasure of playing the most unique game at WASD. Make way for Make Way!

Developed by the same delightful people who made A Little to the Left, Make Way is the unlikely love child of Mario Kart and Ultimate Chicken Horse. The cars are all functionally the same but look great. I chose the one that looked like Adam West's Batmobile. There's definitely an upside to customising your car for certain stats to race better, but this game is so chaotic that it may not matter.

As you race, your cars drive through checkpoints that jump you to another screen, giving you options for either traps or hazards. This makes the game effectively procedurally generated and ups the replay factor to many many new heights.

There doesn't need to be a grand reinvention of the wheel for a game of this type. There's classics in this genre such as Crash Bash and the aforementioned Mario Kart. The new elements are what help a game in this genre stand out, and this highly chaotic addition to the combat racing game a memorable favourite for any group of friends who want to destroy each other.

Make Way is coming soon to multiple platforms, with full cross platform play.


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